Congratulations to the A.U.C. seniors on their performance on the FCLE

Dear Archimedean Community,

Please join us in congratulating the A.U.C. Senior Class of 2022 and their U.S. Government teacher, Mr. Yamron, on their performance in the newly-introduced Florida Civics Literacy Exam (FCLE).
A little over a week ago, our seniors completed their participation in this exam with great success. 96% of the Archimedean seniors passed this new exam, while the passing rate was under 35% and 40% in Miami-Dade county and the state of Florida, respectively. Furthermore, a highlight of our students’ performance, one third of our seniors received a score of 70 or higher (out of a maximum of 80).

The FCLE assesses students’ understanding on the principles and practices of the American democracy, understanding of the U.S. Constitution and its applications, knowledge of the founding documents, and understanding of landmark Supreme Court cases, legislation, and executive actions. Students who passed the FCLE have satisfied the Civic Literacy requirement set for all college/university degree seekers in the state of Florida. Students who did not achieve a passing score in FCLE will have to either take a civics literacy course in college or retake the exam in college and achieve a passing score.

We are very pleased to see that, through our History and Philosophy curricula, our students develop strong foundations in Civics, and we are optimistic that our soon to be graduates will play an active role as citizens in further improving our society and government.

Demetrios Demopoulos
Director of Archimedean Middle & Upper Conservatories