I am Learning about Alexandria & Yiannis Kotsiras

The Project

In May 2021 3rd Graders of elementary school worked on the project “I am learning about Alexandria and Yiannis Kotsiras with their responsible Greek language and culture teacher Μs. Aikaterini Mesimeri and in cooperation with the music teacher Ms. Marquez and the Greek Math teacher Ms. Drymona.

The goal of this activity was to bring the students closer to Greek history and civilization and to motivate them to learn Greek. Also, teachers of other cultures and subjects to cooperate and share their ideas.

The students studied the monuments of Alexandria and the biography of Mr. Kotsiras in groups. They learned the lyrics of his song “Alexandria” and expressed themselves in different ways (drawing, writing, singing, dancing).

The music teacher Ms. Marquez taught them harmony and Ms. Drymona taught choreography. Following the completion of these activities, the teachers created a video with their activities integrated and they presented it to the artist in a zoom conference meeting on May 27th.
The good coordination between the teachers and the exceptional communication ability of the artist resulted in a very nice ambiance. It is an experience that kids will hardly forget.

High school students, specifically Dr. Darvoudis’ seniors class, also participated as they asked some critical questions and added information about the city of Alexandria, the bicentennial of the Greek revolution, the music. Generally, their contribution to the overall project was very helpful. They have been studying Greek history during the last months, including the Hellenistic Period and the Greek Revolution. So they knew the history of Alexandria and the influence of Hellenism in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Aikaterini Mesimeri & Darvoudis Athanasios Greek language and Culture Teachers
Nimia Marquez Espinoza Music Teacher
Drymona Nikoletta Greek Math Teacher